How To Choose the Best Vinyl Siding Color

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Choosing a color for your home is a very personal decision, kind of like picking out a name for your newborn baby, or choosing a nice piece of fruit. We are all individuals and as such, we all have individual preferences and tastes. OK, enough blabbering on, let’s get into some specific colors and why choosing the right color for your vinyl siding is so critical.

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Why is your Vinyl Siding Color Choice Important?

Have you ever bought a car and a few months later, you began wishing you had chosen a different color? Well, this is more common than you might think. However, cars don’t last as long as vinyl siding, and most of your time is spent inside your car, so the only time you see the exterior color is walking to your car, and that’s never a long walk.

The outside of your home by comparison is seen anytime you spend evenings outdoors, shooting hoops with your kids, having a backyard picnic, and so many other occasions and activities.

Also, if you later decide you hate the color of your car, you can have it repainted; it’s not cheap, but not grossly expensive either. You don’t have that option with your vinyl siding color, as you’d have to replace every bit of it, and that would be expensive. So, give it a lot of thought and choose wisely.

Advantages of Vinyl Siding

If you’ve reached the stage of trying to decide on a vinyl siding color, we don’t have to tell you about the advantages of vinyl siding… but we will anyway. Vinyl siding has many advantages, and these include:

  • Affordability
  • Less maintenance required
  • More customization options
  • More color choices
  • No painting required
  • They retain their color well
  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install
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How to Choose Vinyl Siding Colors

Obviously, individual tastes will dictate this decision more than anything else, but there are a few things you should also consider when choosing a vinyl siding color for your home.

First, think about the resale value. We know, once you buy a house, you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life in that house. But research tells us that the average length of time is around 13 years. This means a vinyl siding roof that is designed to last 50 years might see several owners in its lifetime. And choosing hot pink vinyl siding, for instance, might work in Hollywood if you’re a diva pop singer, but in real America, a hot pink house will be hard to sell if and when you decide to move.

Also, ask yourself questions like, do I want a bold color or a subtle one. Do I want my house to stand out or fit in with the rest of the homes in the neighborhood? Will the HOA nazis throw a hissy fit if I choose hot pink vinyl siding? Will my vinyl siding color choice go well with my roof, all the trim, and the exterior doors, including the garage door?

By the way, a house that sticks out, may get more attention on Halloween, and not the good kind of attention, if you know what we mean.

Farm Red Vinyl Siding

As you can see from the photo, this shade of red is subtle and understated as far as reds go. It’s classic in appearance without being too loud or obnoxious. And it goes well with wood trim. 

It’s not a bad choice all in all, but how does it make you feel? What was your first impression when you saw this photo?

plygem red house

Deep Blue Vinyl Siding

Just like the red vinyl siding house, personal preference is everything. Though, this house appears to be two-toned in color, which is either a unique choice if you like it, or an odd choice if you don’t. It does go nicely with the white trim, and would probably look a bit strange if the trim was wood like the red house above.

annapolis blue siding with white trim

Green Vinyl Siding

When you immediately think of a green vinyl siding house, it may not sound all that appealing, but as you can see it works pretty well with both the white trim and dark wood shutters. So, if nothing else, it’s versatile. And if you have a lot of greenery (trees, bushes, plants) around your home, it might also blend in nicely.

increase home value with a roof replacement

Anyway, there you have it! If you are still having trouble making up your mind, consult a psychic who deals specifically in color spirit guides, and… we’re not even sure such a thing exists. But seriously, if you have questions, we have answers.

For all of you in Suffolk or Nassau counties, in the Hamptons, or on Long Island, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to explain more of the benefits of vinyl siding and how important it is to have your siding professionally installed. Particularly if there is any wind in your area. Or gravity.

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