Rapid Restore: A Stress-Free & Easy Roofing Estimate

At Rapid Restore, we separate ourselves from the typical roofing contractor by providing a stress-free, refreshingly simple roof replacement experience for all of our customers. We don’t want you worrying about an over-complicated estimate process. We prefer to get to the nuts and bolts of a roof assessment, putting an emphasis on clear and concise communication.

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Initial Consultation

Some companies prefer to take three right turns, instead of a left; but ultimately, both approaches arrive at the same place.  We choose to keep it simple and straightforward for our customers with our initial consultation – stress-free and easy, like a Sunday morning.  Expect a quick but thorough roof inspection followed by a clear written estimate.  While we can determine what you need for your roof – only you can tell us what you want, so before we appropriately price your proposal, we open up a dialogue on your goals as a homeowner.

You may be weary of contractors, and rightfully so – some pitch snake oil in the form of unnecessary additions, repairs or what have you. It’s like going to a mechanic and being upsold platinum rims when all you needed was a new spark plug, except in this scenario, you’re not even sure what  platinum rims are. 

Rapid Restore is licensed and bonded and we take our time to thoroughly inspect your roof and make accurate assessments depending on what you need and what your budget is… We don’t deal in smoke and mirrors and hypotheticals, and we don’t bombard you with industry jargon. At Rapid Restore, we’re looking to change the typical roofer’s reputation and we’re winning at it – by being as clear as crystal and as transparent as possible. 

Unlike other roofing companies, our estimates aren’t simply a dog and pony show, your roof will be thoroughly inspected in good faith – no sitting around and twiddling thumbs.

Digital Proposal & Project Scheduling

Once the roof estimate is complete, we email over a simple yet concise digital proposal outlining the materials, labor and time-frame associated with your roofing project, within three days of your initial consultation.  In the spirit of compassion and transparency that we embody as a company, we provide the best rundown of what you need and why you need it.  

Everything’s above board and there certainly aren’t any surprises waiting for you under the hood. You can rest assured that details like cost of clean-up and a breakdown of materials required such as underlayment, shingles or flashing, won’t simply be neglected to be mentioned or insufficiently explained. You’ll never have to worry about how much this new roof replacement will ultimately cost, it’ll be in plain writing – up to the details of how many shingles are required for the square footage of your roof.

We’re not here to tell you what is going to be done – this is a collaborative process. We aren’t satisfied until we give our customers economical and affordable pricing tailored to their specific needs and wants, with their fully-informed blessing (we also offer a variety of flexible financing options for you to consider). 

Next, all that’s left for you to do is electronically sign our digital proposal and we’re all set for project kickoff.  Your dedicated project manager will contact you within 48 hours to discuss a date that is most convenient for you. Throughout this process, your project manager will be your always available right-hand man, the Pippen to your Jordan, the Belichek to your Brady.  Any concerns or additional improvements you need along the way will be fielded by your project manager in a compassionate and timely manner.


For a complimentary inspection call us or request a free estimate.


Preparation, Project Start & Completion

Grab your favorite book, or queue up a show you’ve been putting on Netflix – it’s time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Prior to starting, you’ll receive a reminder email detailing recommendations for preparation, such as the official start time and when to move your vehicles.  

During your project and after completion, you won’t be left out to dry like some other contractors may have you.  Your dedicated project manager will be providing consistent status updates throughout the roof replacement process (including live drone photos), and won’t hesitate to tell you if something may need more time and why.  

With that said, our team typically completes an exceptional, world-class roof replacement within the same day as project start, which means you can resume your life and reap the benefits of a new roof all in one day.  We remain available after project completion as your committed home improvement partner to answer any questions you may have, or for anything additional you may need.

At Rapid Restore, we’re on a mission to restore the faith that previous, less-forward roofing contractors in Long Island may have broken, one roof at a time…  And we’re succeeding.


Our mission at Rapid Restore is to provide a stress-free, refreshingly simple, world-class roof installation experience for our customers in Long Island, NY. We look forward to protecting you. With over 110+ 5 star reviews on Google, you can trust the expert roofing contractors at Rapid Restore to replace your roof on-time and within budget.

For a quick, no-obligation estimate on your next roofing project, fill out our estimate form!



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Joseph Elshazly is the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Rapid Restoration Group. "Skills are cheap, passion is priceless" is the motto he lives by.

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