How to Best Prepare Your House for a Roof Replacement

So, the big day has finally arrived and the excitement is at a crescendo... Neighbors and kids may be flocking to observe the roofers hard at work, but being that your home is an active work zone while the roofers are on the job, there are some safety guidelines you should follow. Rapid Restore ensures that your roof replacement process is stress-free and safe from potential hazards. As an added precaution, we have listed safety measures you can enact that will facilitate a smooth process and reduce downtimes prior to installation.

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Consider Kids & Pets

First and foremost, you need to keep the work zone off limits. This may sound obvious, but whenever the roofers are working, the driveway or backyard must be absent of children and pets at all times. While everyone understands the challenges of ensuring kids or pets follow rules, the work zone must be strictly off limits while the roofers are on the job

Our roof replacements typically take a single day to perform, but if your kids, pets or other members of your household are especially sensitive to loud noises, you may want to consider temporarily having them stay at a family or friend’s house during the installation day.

Relocate Vehicles

In order for the roofers to work safely and efficiently, they will require unimpeded access to and from your roof. With this in mind, it’s recommended that you relocate any vehicles you would usually park on your driveway elsewhere for the time being. Most opt to either park their car curbside or at a willing neighbor’s driveway during the roof replacement process. It’s also best that you keep your garage door closed during the installation, as to prevent any excess dust and debris from entering your home.


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Move Patio Equipment

Your patio furniture, including your grill, need to be relocated to your shed or garage to increase roof accessibility. Excess or obtrusive lawn furniture or knick-knacks can potentially prevent the roofers from working safely, and slow down their workflow. If shed or garage space is limited or unavailable, it’s recommended that you bunch the various items together in the middle or side of your lawn.


Take Down Wall Decorations

Remove pictures, or other items not nailed down or screwed in as a precautionary measure. Most items you have on your wall will be unaffected by a roofing replacement – it may only be necessary for certain fixtures. Heavier light fixtures such as chandeliers may be required to temporarily take down, as to prevent any damage.

Cover Attic Belongings

With all that robust work going on right on the roof, your attic may experience some movement of dust and debris. It’s suggested to cover personal items in the attic with sheets or tarps to prevent dust or debris dirtying or damaging them.


Cut Grass & Prune Trees

Unkempt tree branches can pose a risk for roofers to navigate, so any tree branches extending onto the roof or work area need to be trimmed prior to roof replacement. Furthermore, having your grass cut prior to the installation will facilitate cleanup of fallen debris that may otherwise be lost among the tall grass.

Remove Satellite Dishes or Antennas

Before the roof installation day, you should remove any antennas or satellite dishes from your roof – just like tree branches, they can potentially impede the roofer’s ability to do their jobs. If your satellite dish or antenna is currently active, consider calling your cable or satellite provider for arrangements. If it is inactive, the roofers on site will usually be willing to assist you in removing and disposing of them.


Inform Your Neighbors

You wouldn’t want the first thing you hear of your neighbor’s roof replacement to be the sounds of roofers hammering away at 6am, so you should naturally extend the courtesy of informing your neighbors about your upcoming roof replacement.  Providing a timeframe to allow them accommodation can certainly go a long way when it comes to neighborly relations!

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