What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Roof Within 20 Years?

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While you could put forth the notion that older roofs have “more character”, aged roofs aren’t considered a good sign for potential buyers and insurers alike. If homeowner insurers notice that your roof is older than the StoneHenge, they may simply forfeit coverage. What’s more, a plethora of potential issues can arise if your roof’s maintenance is neglected or if your roof isn't replaced within the recommended timeframe – from skyrocketing energy bills to structural and interior damage.

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Identifying a 20 Year-Old Roof

Accurately verifying the age of a roof isn’t as easy as remembering your child’s birthday – it requires some investigation from your end. Fortunately, there are some tell-tale characteristics which we’ve listed for your convenience.

  • Sagging: This symptom of an aging roof is generally a consequence of heavy snowfalls and wear and tear. Characterized by a sagging of your roof, if noticed it’s recommended to contact a roofing professional immediately.

  • Damaged & Missing Shingles – Typically a result of general wear from high winds, hailstorms or debris impacts caused by high winds over a long period of time. If whole sections of your roof have damaged or missing shingles, your roof is usually beyond its expiry date.

  • Deteriorated Flashing – Flashing is a thin material that is installed onto your roof to direct water and moisture away from certain critical areas such as chimneys, walls and roof valleys. Look for exposed or loose and cracked areas of flashing to determine if your roof’s time has come.

  • Moisture or Discoloration – Stains on the ceiling or weird musty smells usually indicate water leaking from your roof, which is a sign that your roof needs to be replaced.

Potential Risks to Property

If your roof isn’t providing adequate protection from the elements as a result of old age, the damage inflicted on your home can be extensive. An old or damaged roof can result in structural damage to your home as a result of rot from unwanted moisture, while deteriorated flashing or missing shingles allows leaks to occur and trigger the proliferation of mold and mildew. Your home or property may also suffer from unwanted heat transfer and soaring energy bills as a consequence of damaged or missing shingles.


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Potential Complications Related to Home Insurance

Homeowner insurance covers all manners of extreme weather deemed as “acts of God”, such as hailstorms, tornadoes, wildfires and hurricanes. Unfortunately, your coverage may be forfeit if your roof hasn’t been replaced beyond twenty years. Furthermore, homeowners can be can be rejected insurance renewal altogether as a consequence of having a home with a 20-year or 30-year-old roof, unless it passes an inspection or you get a roof replacement. If that doesn’t ring warning bells, there have been plenty of instances of insurers who won’t write policies for twenty-year-old roofs. 

Insurers may also automatically assume there is structural damage “under the hood”, otherwise known as the roof deck, and won’t cover damages from leaking if there is assumed negligence on the part of the homeowner.

Home insurance companies may only offer reimbursement for the estimated worth of a 20-year-old roof, plus recoverable depreciation.


Benefits of an Up-To-Date Roof

Older roofs (20+ years or more) present a multitude of potential issues such as an impending risk to the property and poor insurance coverage. In contrast, even 10-year-old roofs are typically compensated for the full price of the roof if an aforementioned “act of God” occurs, as at this age, the roof is still deemed more than capable to protect your home from the elements. If your roof’s age exceeds the recommended 20 years (or more, depending on your roof type’s longevity), it’s recommended to call a roofing professional immediately. The advantages of roof replacement are incomparable as a protection and investment into your home or property.

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