How Long Will It Take to Replace My Roof?

There are a number of factors to consider prior to your pending roof replacement that will influence the length of installation, such as extent of damage, square footage and potential bad weather.

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It’s hard to say what the exact timeline of your roof replacement could be, but typically the project could take between 1-2 days – usually one, when the conditions are optimal. Other factors such as the steepness and accessibility of your roof, along with the types of materials used also heavily come into play. I know that sounds like a lot to consider, so let’s break down each key factor a bit further.

Roof Size, Steepness & Accessibility

If you’ve got an especially large home with skylights and multiple gables – it’s probably gonna take longer to replace your roof than the average home.  Being that roof estimates are based on square footage and features; the duration of the roof replacement project is naturally dependent on its size and complexity.

Roof steepness is another important factor to consider. There’s a Goldilocks zone right in between not too hot and not too cold, in this case being too steep or too shallow, that directly affects duration of installation. For instance, if your roof is too steep, the roofers are going to require additional equipment to work safely. Alternatively, if your roof is too shallow, you may need special underlayment installed under the shingles to prevent unwanted water leakage or run-off.

If getting to your roof could be tough, it’s going to affect the length of your roof replacement. If your driveway isn’t accessible, or if you live in a dense urban area, or have substantial landscaping such as trees or bushes (that make your roof difficult to access), these factors could also affect the timeframe of your roof replacement.

Extent of Structural Damage

If you scratch the clear coat of your car’s paint, you know a simple buffing and polishing will do the trick, but you’re equally aware that if the scratch penetrates to the body panel, then you’re looking at a more involved process – the same principle applies for your roof.

Since, a typical roof replacement generally involves only replacing shingles, any damage or rot to the plywood can significantly prolong the duration. Fortunately, if your roof has good bones, less work will need to be undertaken, which will reduce installation times.

Healthy Plywood vs Rotten Plywood

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Types of Materials

Each of your kids require different levels of attention and care, as do the many types of shingles available to choose from. Different shingles require specific timeframes to install and the average replacement times of the most common shingle types are as follows:

    • Asphalt / Architectural – 1 to 3 days
    • Flat – 2 to 3 days
    • Metal – 3 to 7 days
    • Synthetic Slate – 6 to 7 days
    • Wood/Cedar Shake – 6 to 8 days

The complexity of the design you have chosen will be another factor to consider, as the more intricate the design, the longer your roof replacement may take.

Weather Conditions

Just like when your friends in middle school dared you to lick a metal pole and you learned that it wasn’t so easy wrangling your tongue free, extreme cold can lead to shingles sticking together and becoming equally difficult to dislodge. Icy or excessively snowy conditions can also delay the duration of installation, as contractors have to work slower and more carefully.

On the flip side, if it’s hot enough to fry eggs on your radiator, that’s also gonna set your roof replacement timeframe back. Extreme heat poses a risk of dehydration or sunstroke, so roofers can’t afford to work too fast on days that are barn-burners.  So, unless you’ve got Lawrence of Arabia moonlighting as a contractor, it’s going to increase the time of your installation.


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