Why Do Roof Replacement Estimates Differ?

No two snowflakes are alike, and the same goes for the unique roofs that each home has. Depending on square footage, material type and whether you’ve hired an economical and straightforward roofing company, estimates can differ wildly.

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Square Footage, Complexity & Materials

If you’ve got a large and sprawling roof, or a complex one with multiple gables and skylights, estimates will vary accordingly. The typical price range for a roof replacement of a 2,000 square foot home will differ from that of a 3,000 square foot home – other factors to consider are the materials employed in the construction and design of your roof.

Different shingles necessitate different timeframes for installation. For instance, while asphalt roofing may take a day for installation, metal roofing may possibly take up to three days. Increase in installation times, as well as the variation in base price for specific roofing materials such as asphalt, slate, cedar shake and metal, will affect estimations.  For luxury materials such as slate and tile, you’re looking at budgeting approximately $1,500 per 10×10 foot area.

Another factor to consider is the complexity of your roof. If your roof has extensive flashing, as well as many skylights and gables, the time expended for installation will increase, therefore affecting estimate pricing.

Structural Damage

If your roof is sagging or has missing or damaged shingles, the price of a roof replacement could increase, depending on the extent of the disrepair.  

Unfortunately, a sagging roof may require extensive repair, which may include wholesale replacement of plywood OSB and underlayment. This will naturally up the estimate price due to the increase of material and labor costs associated with the roof replacement. Any additional structural damage to the roof deck or other elements beneath the shingles will also drive the estimate price  up.

Older or damaged shingles typically need to be removed prior to installation of new shingles as they tend to add to the weight of your roof, which could result in buckling.  Buckling is something you definitely want to avoid as it reduces return on investment and potentially causes structural damage to your home. If pre-existing, older or damaged shingles need to be removed, the added price will be reflected in your estimation.

sagging roof

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Hiring Reputable Contractors

A painting is often only as good as the artist and in order to get an accurately priced and thorough estimate, you’ll have to hire a reputable roofer that’s up to the job. This includes contacting various roof replacement providers, and asking them the right questions

Some red flags you want to avoid are if a contractor is being standoffish, or concealing and withholding information – this could mean they aren’t on the up and up. Ideally, you want someone who speaks in clear and concise language while offering straightforward, consistent estimates. This shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, and they should be respectful and compassionate of your goals and input. After all, it’s your home.

You should also thoroughly vet your roofing company by pulling up Google reviews as well as noting their experience in the industry. Combining this information will generally paint a picture of the professionalism and craftsmanship that the company holds itself to.

Furthermore, any company warranting respect in the roofing industry will have expended considerable resources to hire dedicated project managers to facilitate smooth roof replacement projects from start to finish, while ensuring an excellent customer experience.


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Joseph Elshazly
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