Why You Should Have a Skylight Installed

A natural light source can be transformative in how a home can look or function. Installing a skylight serves to brighten up interior spaces and add some much-needed feng-shui to your surroundings. However, the utility of skylights go beyond just looks.

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Fully Customizable Skylights

There are three main types of skylights; ventilating, fixed and tubular, which come in a variety of different shapes, such as flat, arched, domed and pyramid.

    • Types of skylights: Fixed skylights do not provide additional ventilation and are designed for out of reach areas, tubular skylights are easy to install and ideal for hallways, pantries, closets and other enclosed spaces while vented skylights provide extra ventilation and have the option to be remotely operated.
    • Popular materials: Plastic glazing is the most commonplace option which tends to be more economical and sturdier, glass glazing is more expensive but longer lasting, and solar heat control glazing has the distinction of being the most energy efficient of its counterparts.
    • Different light shafts create different looks: Flared light shafts are longer and rectangular shaped to take advantage of the path of the sun’s migration along the sky, straight light shafts are great for flat ceilings and minimal ceiling space, while shaftless skylights are a great choice for high sloped ceilings which create a new and different architectural dynamic for your interior spaces

Natural Lighting & Energy Savings

The benefits of skylights aren’t relegated to purely ventilation and heating or cooling, they also serve to sustainably brighten up your interiors. Here are just a few of the benefits that installing skylights pose for natural lighting and energy saving:

  • Natural light can rebalance the lighting in a room, providing a new aesthetic to redefine interior areas.

  • More natural light equals less use of artificial lighting powered by electricity, which is reflected in your energy bills.

  • Skylights can assist in expelling hot or humid air and facilitate the circulation of fresh air within your home, such as letting moisture escape from bathrooms or removing cooking odors.

  • Increased solar heating in the winter for upper rooms due to increased natural light entering your home.

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Appreciate Health Benefits

The introduction of natural lighting has an appreciable effect on moods and general well-being in interior spaces. Additional ventilation can improve air circulation and therefore air quality by curbing the growth and spread of mold and fungus growth within your home. Also, studies have shown time and time again that sunlight increases vitamin B and D production within your body, boosting your immune system and assisting in battling seasonal depression.


Increase Home Resale Value

If the time to put your house up on the market presents itself, the addition of skylights can increase your home’s resale value to prospective buyers. The increased energy efficiency implied by the existence of one or more skylights is a fact not lost on potential buyers. Additionally, the natural aesthetic that skylights create that liven up the interiors of your home is also sure to attract more expensive bids.

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