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At Rapid Restore, we empathize with the frustrations associated with appropriately budgeting for a relatively large home improvement project such as a roof replacement. Accordingly, we’ve developed a process specifically designed to simplify the quote and decision-making aspects of your roofing project. Our in-house financing specialists are particularly adept at structuring unique financing options specially tailored to your needs.


Home improvement projects can be expensive, causing homeowners to delay necessary renovations in order to avoid forfeiting a lump sum payment. Although this mindset may be beneficial in the short-term, keep in mind that there is often hardly any indication that your roof may spring a leak until the next time it rains.

Financing your roof replacement affords you, the homeowner, the benefit of being protected from potential leaks and any ensuing interior damage that your property may accrue. You might want to kick the can, but hiring a sheetrocker, spackler and painter to re-do the bedroom ceiling, and hiring a contractor to renovate your damaged flooring may be the unfortunate end result.

A strong, durable roof increases the value of your property in the short-run, and saves you money over the long-run. How much unnecessary home heating is leaking due to your faulty roof? How about air conditioning during the summertime?


Rapid Restore proudly offers a robust financing system so all of our customers can easily afford and benefit from a quality roof replacement. Depending on the plan and your preferences, we field options with and without interest.

Our interest options have standard rates, with the interest rate dependent on term length and dealer fee percentages. We also offer standard monthly term options with no interest – if a full payment is completed over the course of two years (e.g. 6 month term, 1 year term, 2 year term).

The entirety of the financing application takes about fifteen minutes, including a credit check. Once the application is complete, approval usually happens in under a minute.

Our two most popular financing options include:

  • 24-month deferred interest plan. This plan has a minimum monthly payment, and if paid in full within two years, there is no interest charged on the loan. This plan comes with a 10% dealer fee.
  • A standard 5-year plan with equal monthly payments. The interest rate is 9.99%, with a dealer fee of 4% of the total amount financed.


We also have 3, 7, 10 and 15-year plans available.

We recommend that you shore up your home’s interior safety and energy-efficiency – which will increase your home’s value in the short-run, and ultimately be cost-effective in the long-run. Our many financing options are intended to help you achieve just that.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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