Hurricane Henri
I wrote this quick guide for you due to the upcoming weekend storm - Henri. We hope this winds up to be nothing, but just in case I wanted you to be prepared. You can bookmark this page or screenshot the list of items below to save for easy reading throughout the day. Call me for anything 24/7. We're here for you. Please take the time to share this on your social or forward to friends and family.

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  • Identify if there are any trees, branches and shrubs to look out for and whether they pose a hazard to you or your home.

  • Review your insurance policy and have those documents ready and accessible.

    • Speed is the key to getting back to normal. A lot of people will be filing claims, you want to be first.

  • Prepare shutters, storm doors or other coverings for doors and windows.

  • Secure outdoor furniture and loose objects that could potentially be projectiles. Find a safe place to store these. Basement, shed, etc.

    • garbage cans

    • umbrellas

    • furniture

    • decorations

    • hanging plants

  • Try to safely get some quick supplies to ride out the storm

    • Flashlights

    • Batteries

    • Extension cords

    • Generator. Extra oil and gas on hand

    • Portable phone charging power banks

      • You need phone access to talk with family members and anyone else. This is crucial.

      • Make sure your phones are always fully charged.

    • Water

    • Any medications you may need

  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer down to the coolest setting and avoid opening them so that food will last long just incase power goes out. Freeze what you can!

  • If your home is located in a flood prone area..

    • Turn off and unplug electrical appliances, water heaters and remove or elevate anything you can to avoid water and electrical damage.

  • If you have pets, develop a plan of where your pets will stay during the storm.

  • Make sure your cars gas tank is at least half full

  • Do NOT drink tap water until the local authorities declare it safe to do so.

  • Get in touch with family members and forward this to them. Make sure you know where everyone is and everyone knows what to look out for.

For priority support and to jump the line, make sure you use the number I gave you in the emails I sent. Or email me anytime. 

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Joseph Elshazly
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