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If your business has a flat roof that’s leaking or due for replacement, a silicone roof coating restoration (RCR) may just be the solution you’re looking for.

Commercial properties are often full of life from the constant ebb and flow of customers and employees alike, and at booming times like these, closing shop just sounds draining. Thankfully, a silicone roof coating restoration provides the full benefit of a roof replacement at only a fraction of the cost – minus the intrusion and interference that typically comes along with a building renovation project.

What’s more, a silicone roof coating restoration extends your roof warranty the same way a roof replacement would, and insurance companies will continue to cover your roof as if it was recently replaced. What that means is, rather than your business grinding to a halt and losing all that hard earned momentum, you can continue to protect your property while ensuring your operations remain undisturbed.

The cherry on the top? A roof coating restoration provides your commercial property with increased energy savings and tax benefits that a typical roof replacement doesn’t afford.

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Gregg Warner
Gregg Warner
Very pleasant experience right from the initial meeting with the salesman, Jacob to the completion of the job. Great job removing existing roof shingles, all the plywood & existing spray foam insulation. Installed new insulation, all new plywood and roof shingles. Next day they installed all new gutters. Owner Mike was on the roof with his workers, supervising and working right along side them. Great work and clean up was excellent. Highly recommend!
I would like to recommend this company for their professional installation. During one month's project, I have to say I make the right choice to hire this company,
Susan Paluch
Susan Paluch
Very professional experience, from the people in the office to the men who installed the roof. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
April Canard
April Canard
Negative first encounter for estimate, but the boss followed up and was wonderful to deal with...very competitive pricing.
Maria Brea
Maria Brea
I would recommend Rapid Restore Roofing after the amazing installation that I received. They are a professional company that communicate well with customers. Throughout my roofing project the team communicated from start to finish and provided photo timelines. To see our roof being installed in real time was amazing. Professional, quality and affordable.
Brian Tribble
Brian Tribble
Rapid Restore is a Great Professional Company. Mike explained everything we needed done. Thanks again.
Geneva Easy
Geneva Easy
Excellent work it only took one day to rip down the old roof put up the new one add new gutters with new gutter guards. I highly recommend this company great work great communication .video of all work perform I am very pleased with my results. If you looking for a company to replace or repair your roof this is the one for you.
Steph Lawlor
Steph Lawlor
Rapid Restore Roofing and Restoration is an industry stand out – a Class Company – Professional, Knowledgeable, Courteous and Timely. I had a complex unsourced roof leak. A neighbor referred me to Mike Meinardus who instantly outshined the ten companies I had interviewed prior. Our conversations were informative, sincere, and stress-free from job evaluation, contract execution and work performed. Thankyou Mike for a job well done!
Joanne Avery
Joanne Avery
I contacted several roofing contractors to repair roof rot from an improperly sealed floating deck. I was contacted the same day by a rep who scheduled an appointment immediately. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and through in his inspection and explanation of the repair needed. I chose them over other estimates I received. The work was completed promptly and professionally. The roof looks great! I highly recommend them to anyone needing roof work!!!
Carmen Gonzalez
Carmen Gonzalez
Joe and his team always do a wonderful job! They are reliable and honest. Excellent service, very professional and prompt service. I highly recommend Rapid Restore to everyone.

Roof Coating Deconstructed – What is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is an elastomeric urethane or silicone liquid coating, serving as a monolithic, watertight membrane applied over your pre-existing commercial roof. Flat roof coatings increase the lifespan of your roof while simultaneously reducing energy expenditure by way of exorbitant heating and cooling usage.

Due to the ongoing contractions and expansions a commercial roof typically endures, cracks or instances of water ponding may reveal themselves – both of which can spell disaster for your business or property. Liquid roof coatings can withstand the warping that results from the heating and cooling commercial roofs experience, owing to their superior flexibility.

Roof coating applies to all commercial roofing types, including flat, metal, modified bitumen, built-up roofs, PVC, TPO, EPDM, concrete, and spray polyurethane foam.


Rapid Restore proudly serves all businesses in Long Island with Roof Coating services.



A liquid coating application will increase the longevity of your commercial roof in Long Island while providing the same benefits of a roof replacement.

Avoid the costs and business disruption associated with a roof replacement by opting for a liquid coating solution, which costs about 65% the price of a roof replacement and can be performed every 10-25 years.


Liquid roof coating outperforms typical roofing solutions by a measure of 88% reduction in UV ray absorption on average (compared to 17% without roof coating) – leading to less overall weatherability and depreciation from corrosion.

What’s more, due its inherent flexible and robust nature, liquid coatings withstand the typical contractions and expansions that other roofing solutions do not. As a result, instances of ponding water and cracks leading to leaks are rare and extremely unlikely – and of course, on the off chance are covered by our industry-leading warranty.


As a general practice, it’s recommended that business owners seek out different ways to save money on their taxes. The good news is, to the IRS, a roof coating application is appropriately considered a restoration and not a replacement. This means that your business can fully write-off the cost of the entire roof coating project in the first year, as opposed to depreciating the cost over the course of 20 years (as required by a typical roof replacement).


When you choose Rapid Restore for the application of your silicone roof coating restoration (RCR), enjoy the same refreshingly simple and worry-free experience our customers have come to love and expect in Long Island.

Click on the tabs to read more about the commercial roof coating application process.

RR-Surface-Prep-Roof-CoatingFirst, we pressure wash your roof to clear dirt, dust, debris and foreign contaminants, so the liquid coating can adhere effectively (primer may be applied to achieve optimal adhesion).      
RR-Seams-Details-Waterproofing-Roof-CoatingNext, all seams, transitions, penetrations, fasteners, drains and flashing are coated with a waterproofing membrane (allowing for natural expansion and contraction as a result of temperature changes).      

RR-Base-Coat-Application-Roof-CoatingAfter which, elastomeric base coating is applied to maintain millimeter thickness of uniform coating, which may require multiple coatings.

RR-Top-Coat-ApplicationFinally, the top coat is applied, which provides UV and moisture protection. Most top coats are bright white for optimal reflectivity, although the final layer of coating can be customized depending on your unique needs and requests.    


Liquid roof coatings reflect approximately 90% of UV radiation, which can reduce the heat of your roof 50-60 degrees on the hottest of summer days, leading to a 20% total energy usage reduction. These aren’t just empty statistics; you’ll realize the difference in form of reduced energy bills. For reference, you can potentially save a total of 50 cents on every square foot of liquid roof coating applied – cost savings that are hard to overlook!


Unlike a roof replacement, which can potentially take upwards of 2-3 days to complete, a liquid roof coating application is performed 2-3x faster – generally within a few hours. Since there won’t be a full fledged roof replacement taking place, which can potentially expose portions of your building, result in excessive noise during the duration of the project, and temporarily kick up dust and debris, your business is free to operate undisturbed.

This means no interference with ongoing business operations – leading to additional money savings.


When you choose to have a liquid coating applied to your commercial roofing property, you are eligible to claim the same warranty benefits that you would receive from a roof replacement. All leaks, cracks and materials are covered for an additional 10-25 years (depending on the thickness of roof coating you choose to apply), as your warranty would be extended.

Additionally, your business is also eligible for the same insurance benefits you would receive from a typical roof replacement.

Have a Metal Roof Instead of a Typical Flat Roof?

Learn More About The Roof Coating Benefits for Metal Roofs!

When your metal roof is due for replacement, there are a number of issues that can present themselves – your roof may suffer from leaks, loose fasteners, rust, and deteriorated flashing, induced by the extreme expansion and contraction from temperature swings, and general corrosion. As opposed to opting to replace your metal roof, a silicone roof coating restoration (RCR) addresses all the same issues a typical roof replacement would. An application of a thin layer of silicone to your pre-existing metal roof fully coats and seals joints, fasteners and acts as a self-flashing material. 100% seamless and monolithic, a metal roof silicone coating ensures that gaps that result in leaks don’t form – while also stopping corrosion in its tracks.

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The experienced professionals at Rapid Restore make the process of restoring your roof refreshingly simple and worry-free. As a team of experienced silicone roof coating restoration (RCR) professionals in Long Island, NY, we’ve coated roofs for several commercial properties spanning the Island. We’re well versed in performing world-class liquid coating applications, while generating the minimum possible disruption to your business’s daily operation. As a result of our extensive experience, we’ve refined our methods to best accommodate our customers, whether it be our superior craftsmanship, world-class roofing materials, or considerate and respectful customer service. With over 180+ 5 star reviews on Google, you can trust Rapid Restore to expertly restore your roof on-time and within budget.


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If you’re a business owner or manager that has a commercial property in need of a roof repair or due for a roof replacement, but simply can’t afford to halt operations – silicone roof coating restoration (RCR) is your perfect solution. Appreciate the benefits of increased roof longevity, reduced energy savings and superior protection afforded by a liquid roof coating solution, while suffering minimal disruptions to your business – at only a fraction of the cost of a typical roof replacement.


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