Top 7 Benefits of Having a Cedar Shake Roof

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and there is nothing more impressionable than a cedar shake roof. If you want your neighbors to weep with envy every time they drive past your home, it’s time to consider upgrading to cedar shake roof shingles.

But besides the wow factor, and you know that feeling when you see it, what advantages do cedar shake roofs have over other roofing options? Well, we’re glad you asked.

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Personalization and customization

Everyone wants to personalize everything these days from their phone covers to their toasters. (OK, maybe not their toasters.) And cedar shake roof shingles can be personalized in more ways than you probably realize.

You can choose a variety of finishes – stains, coatings, oils, paints, or go with a transparent finish to keep the natural beauty of the wood grain intact. You can opt for no finish; cedar shake roof shingles tend to age gracefully – we should all be so lucky – and can even add more charm to your home as they slowly turn into a wisdom-inspiring silvery gray.

Even the cut of cedar shake roof shingles can be customized, including square, diagonal, diamond, or rounded edges. The options are practically limitless.


Energy efficiency

Many folks want to know how much a cedar shake roof costs, but the better question might be – how much can a cedar shake roof save you?

Cedar is a natural insulator, which is why nothing beats a cedar shake roof when it comes to insulation. Whether you’re trying to keep cold winds out or hot sunlight from turning your attic and living spaces into a sauna, you won’t find a better insulator. And this works both ways.

Have you ever said to one of your kids, “Were you born in a barn,” because they left a door open letting warm or cold air out? Cedar shake roofs will keep your AC or heat from escaping, provided your kids finally get the message. What does all this mean for you? Lower heating and cooling costs. Can we get a woo hoo?


Smells like cedar

One attribute of cedar shake roofing that many don’t consider is the incredible smell. Is there anything more pleasant than the fresh smell of cedar? That’s a rhetorical question, but you can shake your head along if you wish.

The wonderful fragrance of your new cedar shake roof is one of the first things visitors will notice unless you’re cooking with a lot of garlic and your windows are open. That smell (the cedar, not the garlic) adds a touch of coziness that you usually only find in a forest. And don’t discount the effects that pleasant smells can have on your stress levels; after all, have you ever felt stressed out in a forest?

Lightweight but strong

These are really two benefits, but they do go hand-in-hand. With a lightweight cedar shake roof, you won’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your roofing system or any weight-bearing walls and beams. And even though these roofs are lightweight, they are still impervious to everything but gawking eyeballs.

Cedar is one of the most durable and strongest woods Mother Nature has provided us. This low-density wood will protect your roof against insect damage, moisture (less shrinking in wet climates), and UV rays. Cedar shake roof shingles more easily hold their shape and character over time, while still protecting everything and everyone inside. In short, cedar shake roof maintenance is less of a bother and concern.


Say bye-bye to termites

Termites are a problem any time you have wooden shingles… except when it comes to cedar shake roof shingles. And the problem with termites is that by the time you notice them, an incredible amount of damage has already been done.

According to scientists, who we assume specialize in termites, the secrets lie in the resins and oils that are present in cedar shake roof shingles. Not only do these chemicals repel termites, but they’re actually toxic for them. So, while the termites in your neighborhood are dining on your neighbor’s roof, you can feel confident that your roof will remain intact.

Increased value

Sure, cedar shake roofing is beautiful, and we’re getting to that. And yes, more curb appeal equals more $$$ if you ever decide to sell your home. But the value of cedar shake roof shingles goes way beyond that.

Two of the reasons new home buyers prefer cedar shake roofs are the low upkeep and the longevity, both of which we mentioned above. Just look at the statistics: The average homeowner stays in one home for about 13 years, and with very minimal maintenance, cedar shake roofs can easily last twice that long. This means your one-time investment could eventually pay off like compound interest.

Unmatched beauty

No other roofing option is as elegant and customizable as cedar shake roof shingles. Scroll to the top of the page and look at the photo again… go ahead, we’ll wait.

If you genuinely want to be the envy of the neighborhood, and who doesn’t, cedar shake roofs provide all the intangibles we listed above, but perhaps the greatest benefit is just how much more beautiful your home will look. Don’t believe us? Close your eyes and imagine what your house would look like with a new cedar shake roof.


Are your eyes open again?

Why put it off any longer? You know you need a new roof, and you know you really want the look, feel, and smell of cedar. Contact the cedar roofing experts on Long Island (that’s us, in case it wasn’t clear). Let’s talk it over. And don’t worry about cedar shake roof installation… we’ve done it once or twice.

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