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What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate

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August 2, 2019
What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate

What To Look For In A Roofing Estimate

So you think your roof might need some repairs. You call a local roofing company, and they give you a roofing estimate. Sounds great, right?

What about when they get the repair or replacement done, then bring you a bill with a completely different number! What?!

The damage was more extensive than we thought,” they say, “So we needed extra supplies and extra time.” Now you owe a lot more money than you expected.

Unfortunately, this is just how some roofing contractors handle their business. However, you shouldn’t settle for mediocre service. By knowing what to look for in a roofing estimate, you can find the best roofers and get the most stress-free roof repair.


If the roofer takes a quick walk around your house, knocks on your door, and gives you an estimate verbally—go ahead and close your door. That contractor wasn’t doing a roofing estimate, he was just trying to reach his FitBit goal.

It should take a roofing contractor more than a few minutes to give you an estimate. Your roof is absolutely vital for your home’s safety, security, and comfort, and the best roofers will take that seriously.

Roofs that are installed or repaired incorrectly can easily lead to much bigger and more difficult problems. By doing a thorough initial inspection, Rapid Restore prevents those problems before they start.

Written Estimate

If you get more than one roofing estimate, it might be tempting to choose the roofer who gives you the lowest estimate. However, you should look for some more specific information in your roofing estimate.

You already know that a rushed, half-done roofing estimate can lead you to paying more than you expect for your repair. So, you need to make sure that the roofer looked into all factors of your roof repair or replacement, not just the shingles.


Now, you only need your roofer to be an expert in one thing: your roof. Even if he’s no Ryan Seacrest, he should still communicate clearly with you.

Your roofer should give you a clear description of the work that your roof needs, and a clear estimate of the time it will take. If you’re not sure what other questions to ask your roofer, here are more great suggestions.

The Most Important Question

Before you agree to any roofing job, you need to know that the company or contractor is insured. If their website isn’t clear and the contractor can’t give you details, run. It just isn’t worth the risk!

Long Island Roofing Estimate

Roofs in Long Island face long, cold winters and a significant amount of wind, rain, snow, and ice. Knowing some of the common problems your Long Island roof might have will help you understand what to look for in a roofing estimate.

Common Problems

  • Missing or damaged shingles: If you replace shingles immediately, it’s a relatively quick and easy process. However, problems with your shingles can lead to interior and exterior leaks and can damage the wood underneath.

  • Deteriorating flashing: Flashing is the sealing around your pipes, vents, and chimneys. If it’s not installed correctly or if it starts eroding, it will quickly result in leaking.

  • Ponding: If you have a flat roof (common in business offices) and water sits on the roof instead of draining, you will have ponding. This can cause serious damage to your roof’s integrity.

Rapid Restore’s roofing estimates are made only after doing a through inspection. You’ll get an accurate written estimate, lifetime warranty, clear communication, and even same day service.

Request your free estimate with Rapid Restore today.

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