Replacing Your Roof – Can It Save You Money On Home Energy Costs?

If you just purchased a new a/c, sealed your windows and doors and installed all new energy-saving lighting, yet your bills are still ballooning like the Michelin Man – you may need a new roof. Rather than be a captive witness to the mountain of utility bills piling up, you probably want to consider the options available to you and take action.

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Roofs that haven’t been replaced, repaired or properly maintained in twenty years or more may have suffered cracks or damage that could be increasing your electricity consumption. Additionally, poor airflow due to improper ventilation will also have your home feeling like a hot sauna at times, increasing cooling costs. 

Ultimately, the best solution if you’re all about trying to get that energy usage under control is to get a metal roof replacement with proper ventilation. Metal roofs are celebrated for the energy-efficient features they offer such as solar reflection and “cool” rated coatings that are unmatched by other roofing materials.

Modernize & Repair

Just like that ratty old Guns N’ Roses T-shirt you bought in your teens, your roof may be kinda cool but it’s still outdated and in a state of disrepair, and frankly – it’s time to move on, for your own sake.  Older roofs lose effectiveness because damaged shingles or more importantly, cracks in the plywood or underlayment, can allow air to transfer outside and result in heat loss. It’s also possible that snow or ice melting in the “valleys” of your roof may also result in additional heat loss if your roof isn’t sufficiently insulated.

Now the effects on your utility bills may be marginal when replacing an old asphalt roof with a new asphalt roof, but identifying and repairing cracks and related damage during the roof replacement process will provide increased protection against heat loss. But again, the expectations on reduced utility bills aren’t very high.

Roof Ventilation Replacement

So, you’re sitting in a room with the windows closed and sunlight pouring through – and all that trapped carbon dioxide you’re huffing out is causing the room to get really warm and stuffy – a phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect. It’s one of the reasons why your home needs to be adequately ventilated, so that any extra heat can be exhausted.  

On the flip side, poor ridge ventilation can also lead to unwanted heat entering during summer months, so unless you’re trying to open a Russian Bathhouse, that’s something you’re generally going to want to avoid.

Now the thought might occur to you – “Why don’t I just replace the ventilation system to reduce my utility bill instead of a roof replacement?”  Well, you could, but it’s simply not cost-effective to install a new ventilation system without also replacing your roof simultaneously. This is because the money spent on replacing an out-of-service ventilation system becomes comparable to replacing your whole roof. 


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The Metal Roofing Advantage

Other than not needing to be replaced within half a century and being up to 100% recyclable, metal roofs are great at reducing utility costs. Due to the inherent qualities of metal and the standard seam panels employed in the construction of metal roofing systems, their ability to reflect sunlight is far and away superior to any of their counterparts, such as asphalt or slate. Since metal roofs can reflect up to 80% of solar radiation (depending on the type of metal or coating applied) they absorb way less heat and therefore reduce electricity costs.

Whether you’re a stern environmental advocate or simply a responsible homeowner concerned with reducing energy consumption – metal roofing systems are the choice for you!



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