Why Having a New or Well-Maintained Roof is Important

So, you’ve got a roof and yeah, it mostly sits there while you’re ignoring its existence, but in order for you to appreciate the importance in maintaining or replacing it, you have to understand why it's integral to your home in the first place. Roofs provide functions for your home that simply can’t be replicated, such as providing protection from the elements and increasing the overall value of your property.

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Bolster Protection

You wouldn’t send your kid to school in the rain with a raincoat that looks like Swiss cheese and not expect them to get soaked, so why would it be any different for your home? Roofs need to be sufficiently maintained or replaced in a timely manner so that they are able to handle any variation of weather they encounter and are able to provide suitable protection for their owners. If your roof is damaged or in need of replacement, its ability to safeguard your home can be severely compromised.

New or well-maintained roofs protect you from extreme weather conditions such as:

  • Heavy snowfalls 
  • Hail & sleet
  • Extreme winds and debris
  • Heavy rainfall and water leakage


New or well-maintained roofs prevent mold proliferation, leaks and water damage, all which can lead to plywood rot – something that all homeowners would prefer to steer clear of. Accordingly, it’s better to nip a growing problem in the bud and get a roof replacement, as opposed to allowing the structural integrity of your home to be at risk.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Sometimes we all neglect going to gym or going out for that run, but it would be unwise to think that’s not eventually going to affect your appearance and overall appeal (wink wink) – the same goes for maintaining your home’s roof. A new or well-maintained roof, coupled with the visual advantages that it provides, increases your home’s valuation to prospective buyers. If that isn’t enough, installing a metal roof will give your property an added boost in value while providing additional energy savings.


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Maximize Curb Appeal

They say beauty is only skin deep – luckily, that principle doesn’t apply to your roof.  A new or well-preserved roof not only looks eye-catching, but the visual upgrade it offers serves to entice prospective buyers. Reasonably, nobody’s going to be clamoring to live or buy a home that has an old, eroded, or dilapidated roof, if they’ve got other options. So, it’s generally a good practice to remain vigilant in the maintenance of your roof to maximize curb appeal.


Increase Home Appraisal Value

One of the first things that any potential buyer will notice about your home is your roof, and rightfully so – it’s a dependable indicator of the overall health of your home. If your roof is clearly past its due date or in an obvious state of disrepair, it’s gonna drive your property value down. A damaged or deteriorating roof implies that there might be structural damage such as plywood rot or a proliferation of mold.

Overall, replacing your roof can be one of the most enriching projects you can undertake to protect and increase your home’s valuation. According to a survey conducted by Remodeling Magazine; the cost recouped by replacing your roof on average is 60.7%, which comes out to $17,147 – not too shabby.

The Metal Roof Advantage

If you’re dead-set on increasing the value and security of your home beyond what’s capable through a standard asphalt roof, then metal roofs are for you. Due to the steel components used in the construction of metal roofs, they boast significantly increased energy efficiency and durability. Also, depending on the material type and coating chosen, metal roofs can potentially reflect up to 90% of solar rays – meaning lower energy bills. Not to mention, they also protect your home from an additional host of weather conditions such as lightning and wildfires.


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Joseph Elshazly
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