Environmentally Friendly Options for Roofing

Other than the typical factors that affect what roofing option you ultimately decide on – such as price, durability and longevity – an increasing number of homeowners are considering the environmental impact of their roofing system. Every roof isn’t made the same and that extends to its effects on the environment. Asphalt roofs are commonplace, but the waste created when they are manufactured make them a less efficient environmental option than certain alternatives.

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Cedar/Wood Shake

If you’re interested in the classic look of wood shingles, but are also adamant about being eco-friendly, look no further than cedar/wood shake.

Cedar/wood shake is 100% recyclable, and being that wood is a poor conductor of heat, this roofing system serves as a fantastic insulator. An additional advantage this type of roofing boasts over your standard asphalt shingles is that unlike asphalt shingles, cedar/wood shake is very resistant to high winds due to their inherent design and construction.

Slate or Tile Roofing

The timeless aesthetic of natural slate and tile have been coveted the world over for their distinctive appearance of nobility and class. The beauty of slate or tile roofs isn’t merely skin deep – these roofing systems are eco-friendly and are 100% recyclable. They are made from natural materials – leading to a reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, slate is renowned for its durability and can potentially last for upwards of 50 years prior to requiring replacement – a roof you can benefit from for a lifetime. They are also offered in lighter or white colors, designating them as ‘cool roofs” and therefore leading to a reduction in utility expenses.

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Any roof with a white or overall light color are known as cool roofs, regardless of the materials employed in their construction. White or light-colored shingles reflect solar rays far better than their darker colored counterparts and therefore absorb less heat. What this means for you is that your energy bill will see a sharp decline, primarily due to less need for heating and cooling.

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Metal Roofing

The benefits that metal roofs offer make this roofing option far and away the best choice for an environmentally aware consumer.  First off, the materials used in the construction of metal roofs are 100% recyclable and won’t end up in a landfill.  Additionally, depending on the paint, coating and finish applied, metal roofs can reflect up to 90% of solar radiation (heat from the sun), thus surpassing alternatives when it comes to limiting energy usage and reducing energy bills.

Similar to slate and tile, metal roofs are extremely durable and boast considerable longevity – upwards of half a century. This is underscored by the lightness of metal roofs, which, coupled with easier installation, minimizes the risk of the roof buckling under heavy snowfalls or fallen branches, due to the reduced weight. Metal roofs are also extremely resistant to a host of inclement weather conditions such as high winds, heavy snowfalls, wildfires and lightning – positioning this roofing system as an ideal choice for temperamental climates. 

As a result of their durability, longevity and eco-friendliness, metal roofs are increasingly becoming a sought-out alternative to asphalt roofs.


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