What To Do in the Event of Roof Storm Damage

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Unfortunately, homeowners encounter and potentially suffer the detrimental effects of rough weather throughout the years. Whether it be from thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes or wildfires, extreme weather events can do a number on your home’s external structure and roof. In this roof storm damage guide, we’ll assist you in identifying the indicators of roof damage and how to address them after a rough weather patch.

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Types of Roof Storm Damage

Your roof may suffer unique damage depending on the type of weather it encounters and protects your home against. 

  • Wind: The underlayment, roof deck and waterproofing materials of your roof can be left exposed to the elements as a result of the removal or tearing of shingles due to high winds.  Winds exceeding 74 mph are classified by meteorologists as hurricane-force winds and possess the potential to cause major damage to your home. Gale-force winds, characterized as winds between 39-54 mph, uproot and curl shingles, compromising the watertight seal created when initially installing and layering shingles.

  • Hail: Due to the impact of hailstones, hailstorms can result in deformations of your roof and the loss of granules that comprise roof shingles. These granules are an integral component of your shingles as they serve to reflect sunlight and prevent the absorption of moisture due to precipitation.

  • Standing Water: Clogged gutters or improper or damaged roof drainage systems can result in pools of standing water in the valleys of your roof. These pools of water are at risk of leaking into your attic and home by way of penetrating the roof underlayment or roof deck.

  • Debris: Severe storms may have caused debris to impact your roof, ranging from pinecones and small branches to larger tree limbs. While your roof is generally impervious to lighter objects, the impact of larger objects may create cracks in your roof that will make your home vulnerable to the intrusion of moisture.

Conduct a Roof Inspection

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable going out onto your roof, it’s recommended that you consult a roofing professional to perform the roof inspection in your stead. Most roofing companies offer free inspections and possess the knowhow and expertise to perform roof inspections safely.

  1. Roof: Take a walkaround of the perimeter of your home, noting any visible storm damage. Take pictures and documents of any damage you may have visually assessed, such as cracked, dented or torn shingles.

  2. Gutters, Vents and Windows: Check for damage to your gutters such as dents and deformation. Windows should be inspected for cracks, broken glass, torn screens and loose weather stripping.

  3. External Areas: Keep an eye out for damage to fences, lawn furniture and other decorations as well as any fallen tree limbs strewn about and document accordingly.

  4. Attics and Ceilings: While your roof may seem to be in pristine condition from the exterior, damage may have occurred under the hood. It’s recommended that you observe your attic and ceilings for indicators of moisture seeping into your home such as water stains or musty smells.

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Contact Homeowners Insurance Provider

If you discover substantial damage upon completing the roof inspection, we urge you to contact your homeowner’s insurance provider immediately so that you can properly file a claim based on their pre-existing requirements. Insurance representatives can assist you in filing a claim and receiving appropriate compensation for the damage incurred to your home and roof. The insurance company may also elect to appoint their own assessor or inspector to thoroughly evaluate the damage your home may have sustained as a result of roof storm damage.

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