Transparent Pricing

We are fully transparent with our pricing.. No need to wait on typical salespeople to do a lengthy presentation just to get an idea of what your project will cost. Roof pricing depends on just a few different things that can be easily calculated by you. Roofing type, existing layers of roofing, pitch or slope, complexity and pre existing ventilation and decking conditions. We spent a lot of time building out price calculators for each roofing product we offer! We also put together some frequently asked questions below to help you get a clear idea of what your roof will cost and what to expect.

Frequently asked questions

Easy! Submit a form on our website or call us to request an in-person inspection. We will check the plywood, ventilation, flashings and all other necessary areas to ensure a quote that’s void of unexpected costs. A proper inspection goes a long way in this situation. Most contractors quotes are “built to expand” on the job. Our mission is to create the most stress-free and enjoyable experience possible so we do everything we can to avoid this.

Yes! We typically include 4 complimentary sheets of plywood in every estimate. Usually, this covers most homes. Due to our proper in-person inspection before hand; most of our customers never have to come out of pocket for additional plywood costs at the end of the project.

We definitely recommend this. The additional cost to remove an existing roof is minor compared to the additional value you receive when properly replacing a roof. The cost to only tear off and dispose of a 2500 square foot roof is roughly $1625. You can read more about this in our article here..

– “8 reasons not to put shingles on top of shingles”

Yes! We finance 70% of projects these days. We’re confident we can create a plan that makes sense for anyone! Our simple process keeps it short, sweet and easy. Our in-house financing specialists are skilled at structuring unique financing options specifically tailored to your wants and needs. All it takes is 8 minutes on the phone or in our office with us for an approval!

  • The typical payment on a 5 year plan is around $225.00
  • The typical payment on a 10 year plan is around $143.00
  • The typical payment on a 15 year plan is around $110.00

ZERO! We do not require deposits on jobs under $30,000. We’re confident in our work and our processes. No need to worry! Our mission is to create the most stress-free, empathetic and enjoyable roofing experience possible, we will do whatever it takes to create that.

Most projects typically finish within one working day. Larger projects may go to two.

As our mission statement says, we aim to create the most stress-free & enjoyable roofing experience possible. That means timely installs. Our rule is that you won’t have to wait more than two weeks!

Calculate your price!

Choose the type of roofing material you like, select a few options and that's it!


Architectural / Asphalt Roofing

Our most popular option! A great choice to add value and curb appeal to your property! These come in a wide range of colors as well.


Metal Roofing

The longevity, durability and energy-efficiency offered by Metal Roofing makes it an enduringly-attractive option for homeowners.

GAF Camelot II Antique Designer

Designer Asphalt

These types of shingles complete a home with their classic, artisan-crafted look — at a surprisingly affordable price.


Cedar / Wood Roofing

If you’re looking for a high quality roofing system to protect your home from the elements, enhance curb appeal and provide a natural look, cedar shake roofing is the perfect choice.

charcoal slate roof tile texture

Synthetic Slate / Spanish Tile

If you’re looking for the incredible aesthetics of authentic quarried slate roofing and want to avoid costly structure modifications required to handle the extreme weight of slate tiles, Synthetic Slate is for you!