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The Benefits of Replacing a 10 Year Old Roof

Since there are appreciable benefits of a roof replacement that shouldn’t go overlooked, getting a 10-year-old roof replaced should move up higher on a homeowners’ lists of home improvement projects. Installing a new roof around a period of ten years of age ensures that your home provides a robust return on investment, bolsters your homeowner insurance coverage, and continues to look attractive.

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Anatomy of a Roof-FS-2

The Anatomy of Your Roof

You may feel overwhelmed when a roofing professional is discussing your roof – as far as you’re concerned, they may as well be speaking gibberish. With terms like “underlayment” and “flashing” being thrown around, you may even blush! Now is the time to acquaint yourself with the terminology used when discussing your roof, so you can best understand your roofing requirements while speaking with a roofing contractor.

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